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        Senior Spotlight: Muddassar Sharif

        Muddassar Sharif ’19 grew from years of trial and error to launch his startup.

        Senior Spotlight: Shirley Zhao

        “Every time I spoke in class, every time I wrote something, I didn’t feel like I was trying to fit...

        Senior Spotlight: Victoria Rusu

        “What I learned here really opened my mind – it gave me the chance to accept myself and see that it...

        Senior Spotlight: Savannah Billman

        “Once I started seeing...everything the city had to offer...that’s when I really started to...

        Senior Spotlight: Huang Qi

        Guangzhou native Huang Qi ’19 almost missed the deadline to apply to NYU Shanghai. With just a week...

        Senior Spotlight: Honey Lera

        Since high school, Honey has been set on studying medicine overseas, with the goal of returning to...

        Senior Spotlight: Yang Xiaohan

        “If I had gone somewhere else, perhaps I would still be adrift and unsure, afraid to make my own...

        Senior Spotlight: Anthony Comeau

        "NYU Shanghai was the only school that I thought if I didn't go there, I'd be missing out."

        Faculty Spotlight: Maria E. Montoya

        "Historians love secrets. Instead of keeping secrets, they like revealing secrets."

        Senior Spotlight: Jackie Hu

        When Jackie Hu arrived at NYU Shanghai, she fully expected to become a humanities major. Four years...

        Faculty Spotlight: Pierre Tarrès

        Associate Professor of Mathematics Pierre Tarrès says he works well while he walks.

        Alumni Voices: Liu Lingyi ’18

        Liu came assuming that she would study biology or business, but she took an elective course which...