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        • Can I get pre-admitted to NYU or NYU Shanghai by attending this program?

          No. The High School Academy is led by NYUSPS and has no bearing on the admissions process for NYU or NYU Shanghai.

        • Is the content of the program consistent with NYU Shanghai Candidate Weekend?

          No. The program covers a variety of subjects, but it is not designed for the NYU Shanghai Candidate Weekend.?

        • Do I have to attend this program to be eligible to apply for NYU or NYU Shanghai?

          No. Participation in the High School Academy is voluntary. Attending the program is not a prerequisite for applying to NYU or NYU Shanghai.

        • What is the NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai High School Academy?

          The NYUSPS?at NYU Shanghai High School Academy is a summer program for high school students who seek to build skills for success in a global professional world. The curriculum is developed and delivered by NYUSPS, and it is offered at the campus of NYU Shanghai in the Pudong financial district.


        • What is NYUSPS?

          Founded in 1934, New York University School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) is one of NYU's 19 academic units. NYUSPS delivers applied education programs for diverse and critically important global business industries. NYUSPS offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, career advancement courses, and diplomas in a wide range of professionally oriented areas of study.


        • What are the differences between NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai English courses and High School Academy courses?

          NYUSPS at NYU Shanghai offers several programs, including English courses and the High School Academy.?English language courses are available for elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners. Each level provides courses to help you better communicate in your work or academic environment, and with colleagues and business associates here in Shanghai and around the world.?The High School Academy at NYU Shanghai focuses on future career development for high school students. While the High School Academy only runs in summer, English courses are offered throughout the year.


        • Who are the faculty for High School Academy?

          The High School Academy will be taught by NYUSPS faculty and industry experts selected by NYUSPS who have local knowledge and proven track records in their fields.


        • My child has completed Grade 9 but is under 15 years of age. Can s/he apply for the program?

          In order to participate in the program, your child must have completed the equivalent of Grade 9 in the United States. In China, this typically equates to the 3rd year of middle school. If you have specific questions about your child's eligibility, please contact us.

        • I am currently in my first year of high school in China and only have access to the first half of my high school academic performance. Is this transcript enough for the application?



        • What type of transcript am I required to submit and in what format (PDF, Word, photo, etc.)?

          The High School Academy requires students to submit official printed transcripts. Electronic versions, such as PDF, Word or photo, will be accepted with applications, provided students also submit the original upon admission. You may also mail the transcript to our office.