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        Cost of Attendance

        NYU Shanghai Estimated Cost of Attendance for 2019-2020

        The estimated cost of attendance in US dollars for the 2019-2020?academic year is as follows:

        Direct Costs: Costs that you will be charged by the University Cost
        Tuition $50,686
        Registration and Services Fees? $2,624
        Books $1,204
        Room $4,109
        Health Insurance* $3,632*
        Estimated Direct Costs $62,255
        Indirect Costs: Other educational costs incurred Cost
        Estimated Board (Meals) $2,597
        Estimated Personal Expenses $1,000
        Estimated Travel $3,750
        Estimated Total Cost of Attendance


        *Health insurance charges vary. Therefore, your direct charges may vary.

        The preliminary cost of attendance budget represents the estimated annual cost of education for full-time undergraduate students at NYU Shanghai in US dollars for the 2019-2020?academic year. It includes tuition, room and board (which may vary based on a student’s room selection), health insurance, personal expenses, books, and many student life activities.? Annual adjustments to the costs and fees at NYU Shanghai may be necessary and expected. The yearly tuition and residence costs include only full-time fall and spring enrollment; course overloads incur additional tuition and book fees. Students that take summer session or January term courses will incur additional direct and indirect expenses.

        Direct costs – such as tuition, registration and services fees, books, room, and health insurance – are costs that will be charged by the university.? In July the NYU Office of the Bursar will send you notification of your fall semester’s bill (and in December for the spring semester’s bill), which will include these charges.? If you utilize financial aid you will see the anticipated aid for the semester deducted from the charges mentioned above on your bursar bill. You will be responsible for any remaining balance due by the semester’s bill due date.? For your most current billing information you should log on to your bursar e-Suite portal. ??

        Indirect costs—such as estimated travel, meals, supplies, and personal expenses—are costs that you may incur during the academic year, which will vary for each student. These indirect costs are not charged through NYU Shanghai.

        For more information about bills, payments, and refunds please contact:

        Office of the Bursar – NYU Shanghai
        Room 1051 (10th Floor)
        1555 Century Avenue,
        Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

        +86 21 20596666