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        Who We Are

        Who We Are

        NYU Shanghai is China’s first Sino-US research university and the third degree-granting campus of the NYU Global Network. We were founded in 2012 by New York University and East China Normal University with the support of the city of Shanghai and the district of Pudong.

        NYU Shanghai seeks to cultivate globally-minded graduates through innovative teaching, world class research, and a commitment to public service. All undergraduate students pursue a course of study that will equip them with the broad knowledge base and tools to become creative thinkers and active learners throughout their lives.

        Our student body currently consists of 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students, half of whom are from China. Students from the United States and some 70 other countries represent the other half. Our faculty of renowned scholars, innovators, and educators are recruited from the world’s best research universities.

        A Global Perspective on Academics

        A Global Perspective on Academics

        English is the language of instruction on campus, though international students are required to study and achieve proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. The university regularly fosters opportunities for cross-cultural communication and cooperation in the classroom and through diverse extra-curricular activities.

        NYU Shanghai expects undergraduate students to spend the first two years on core courses and to select an academic specialization for deeper study and research in their third and fourth years. Students may pursue 19 different majors in the arts and sciences, business and finance, engineering, data and computer science.

        Over the course of their undergraduate studies, NYU Shanghai students are encouraged to spend up to two semesters studying in New York, Abu Dhabi or at one of NYU’s eleven study away centers in cities around the world. This is an integral part of the University’s mission to foster truly global citizens.

        Upon graduation, students will have earned two diplomas: An NYU degree (the same degree granted at our New York and Abu Dhabi campuses) and a Chinese-accredited NYU Shanghai diploma.

        At the postgraduate level, NYU Shanghai also offers a variety of master’s and PhD degree programs in disciplines and fields topics important to contemporary society. They bridge the NYU global network, and feature rigorous academic experiences for students.